I keep track of my own data and post it publicly so it's useless to advertisers, who collect their own data and consider it very valuable (so they can sell things). It's a custom coded solution, where most data is collected automatically, but some (like sleep) is manual. More is collected than you can see, although I am certainly not giving you my entire location history!

The following data has been collected over the last seven days:


average bed time 00:48
average wake time 08:19
longest sleep 8h 28m
shortest sleep 6h 1m


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fav artist Japanese Breakfast (x38)
fav album Jubilee (x38)
fav song Tactics (x4)


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fav game Bigscreen Beta
total sessions 1
total playtime 2h 22m
average length 2h 22m


🌆 location Glasgow, Alba / Scotland
🔋 battery 29% (unplugged)