I keep track of my own data and post a lot of it publicly. It's a custom-coded project where I collect data from various sources and collate it into one database. However, in some cases data entry is manual (such as sleep and films watched). For more information see: https://git.tombo.sh/tom/tombo-is-server .


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fav artist The Beths (x90)
fav album Expert in a Dying Field (x72)
fav song Your Side (x6)


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fav game SnowRunner
total sessions 3
total playtime 12h 0m
average length 4h 0m
  • S15E05 - Old Honkfoot from "Taskmaster (2015)"
  • S15E04 - How Heavy Is the Water? from "Taskmaster (2015)"


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🌆 location Glasgow, Alba / Scotland
🔋 battery 71% (unplugged)